Having a dedicated, loyal fan base takes hard work and dedication. It takes a long time to nurture and grow a large group of cult followers. As a musician, you need to make it your goal to grow your fan base as creatively and strategically as possible. Here are some good starting points:

  1. Get to know your fans
    You should be able to know who these people are inside and out.
    Find out their needs, wants, desires. Find out what sort of content
    they like, who else they listen to.

  2. Leverage your fan magnet
    In my last blog post I explained the importance of finding your
    fan magnet, and how essential it is for growing your fan base.
    Make sure you give that post a read so you are fully prepared
    to leverage your fan base!

  3. Find new and unique ways to engage your fans
    Research how your fans find out about new updates, what sites
    are they visiting? Who are other notable influencers within
    your market? Poll your fans using Twitter or Facebook and
    find out what makes your fans tick!

promoting for your fans

When you’re scrolling through Twitter on a normal day, what makes you stop to click on a link? Does it have a catchy title? Are you simply bored?

Most of the time, people click on links because they think it will add value to their life. Whether that be a laugh over a funny video, or a long-term appreciation for a specific product they buy.

Promoting yourself as a musician is much the same. You have to get into the minds of your fans and determine what they will click on. A great place to start would be finding your fan magnet. The more creative you can be with how you promote yourself, the more you will stand out from the rest of the pack! Here are some ideas:

  • Merchandise giveaway

  • Social media contest/challenge

  • Personal letter to fans

  • Tour update video

  • Social media countdown

The options are endless if you can get creative with it. But the important thing is that you need to know what your fans like, and create content aimed at pleasing them.

recruiting your fans to be your influencers

 As an independent musician, fans need to be your top priority. They determine how big your shows are, how fast you grow, and how much money you make! Your fans are literally everything.

The great thing about fans is that they have undying loyalty to you. If independent musicians develop a strong personal brand, they have power beyond their wildest dreams.

Here’s why.

Street team. Ever heard of it? In general terms, a street team is a collection of individuals who promote a specific brand in exchange for perks and reciprocated loyalty. Basically, street team members don’t get paid with cash, but with other perks like free tickets, merchandise, first access to announcements, other goodies, etc.

As a musician, you are essentially building your cult. You are getting potential fans hooked on your fan magnet, and you are building loyalty so fans can be your influencers. Essentially, whenever you come out with a new song, album, or announce a new run of shows, your fans will already feel like they are responsible for promoting you, and pretty soon it’s just automatic. Pretty cool right?

Let me break it down for you:

turning fans into influencers

Remember, everyone likes free merch. Reward your fans with some free goodies now and then, this goes a long way to solidifying your relationship with them, and turning them into influencers.

I want to hear how you promoted yourself to your audience! What kinds of things did you do to advertise your show? Let me know in the comments! Become a Wild Music Blog Groupie by joining my exclusive Facebook Group dedicated to helping DIY musicians!


Happy growing!