First blog post! Woohoo!

This is a very special post, because it’s my first one! It’s also a post that really resonates with me, because it’s something that I see too many musicians overlook when attempting to grow their audiences.

So let’s jump right in shall we!? We have a lot to cover.

First, here is what will be covered in this post:

1. The one detail most musicians overlook when growing
3. The strategies to use when reaching your audience
4. Where you can go for further information



The One Detail Most Musicians Overlook When Growing

This is a very important point, one that will either make or break you as a musician. Too many indie musicians blindly play gigs and release music hoping they will either meet the right person, or just get discovered randomly. The reality is, you need to put in hard work and dedication to grow your career.

The one thing that all musicians/bands need to figure out, is their fan magnet.


What is a fan magnet?

Everyone’s fan magnet is different, but you must identify it, and incorporate it into everything you do!


How do you find your fan magnet?


Identifying and acting on your fan magnet is super important. Follow these 5 steps to help you find it:

  1. Know your audience
    You need to be able to clearly identify who it is you are marketing
    to, that way you can create relevant content that resonates with
    your audience. Find out their likes, dislikes, what they like to do,
    who else they listen to, what their passions are. These are essential
    questions to ask in order to create your audience archetype.

  2. Determine your strengths
    You can’t be an expert at everything, but if there is something you
    really enjoy doing, like biking, or filming, or yoga, incorporate that
    into your fan magnet! In general, activities based around your
    passions are far more enjoyable. Why would you want to spend time
    doing something you despise? Make it something that your audience
    can relate to, and something that you can consistently accomplish
    week after week.

  3. Build a marketing plan
    Arguably the most important step, is determining how you’re going
    to communicate your fan magnet to your audience. Most indie artists
    rely on social media as their primary communicator. Your ability to be
    yourself on social media is a massive advantage. Music Think Tank has
    a great article about social media secrets for musicians you should
    definitely read.

  4. Start creating!
    Now that you have your content ideas and a communication method, it’s
    time to get yourself out there! Make waves online, start generating buzz,
    and get to know the potential fans who interact with you!

  5. Track your progress
    It’s important to invest in an analytics tool so you can see how well your
    content is doing online. Facebook has some amazing post analytics built
    right into their interface. Familiarize yourself with their system, and get
    to know the trends. This will pay off down the road because you will already
    know what kind of posts your audience likes!

Your fan magnet is what you become known for throughout your entire career. When Ed Sheeran first entered the mainstream music scene, his humility and use of genuine lyrics resonated with millions of fans, sending him to the top of the Billboard charts with his hit, “The A Team”. To this day, Ed’s sense of humility is still apparent in every interview, every concert he has, because that’s what he does best, and that’s what his fans fell in love with.

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Happy growing!