You open up your car door, step out into the brisk morning air, and breathe in the scent of old growth trees, hybrid cars, and bagpipes. Can you guess where you are? That’s right, you’re in the one and only Portland, Oregon.


Despite it’s quirks and traffic issues, Portland is home to some of the country’s finest indie music talent. Genres range from foot stomping folk to electro-pop, all the way up to pirate metal. You can find it all in the city of roses.

But who is really making waves out there? Who is cutting through the noise? Check it out:



Anna Gilbert

This Portland native is creating soulful, melodic notes with every song she releases. Anna Gilbert composes songs about life, love, and loss. Her genuine lyrics and down-to-earth compositions are just some of the things that make her unique. She is known for her brilliant collaborations and vocal blending. One notable collaboration in 2009 was with Sam Ashworth and Matt Slocum of platinum-selling band, Sixpence None the Richer for her “Like a River” EP. In her own words, “I’m not an entertainer as much as I am, first and foremost, a storyteller and songwriter”.

Her recent partnership with Patreon, an online platform where fans can contribute financially to the career of an artist in exchange for perks, has given her a new way to reach fans. Her consistent release of music videos has paved the way for a substantial footprint on YouTube. (Music videos are shot and produced by Derich Hartfeil). Anna Gilbert always has new projects in the works, be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel! For more information and to find more music, be sure to check out her website. Well done, Anna. Here’s to continued success!



Foreign Talks


This Vancouver, Washington based 5-piece has been making significant waves within the Pacific Northwest music scene. Their most recent album, “No Ceilings” released in 2016, prompted the band to embark on a winter tour through California, Oregon, and Washington. I had the great fortune of serving as the band’s booking agent for their winter tour, and heard nothing but positive remarks from fans and venues alike. Their show in Portland at Analog Cafe & Theater saw a sold out crowd, launching the band to new heights.

Among the songs on their “No Ceilings” album, include their single “Cerveza” which blends folk-pop with reggae. I can certainly imagine listening to this band while laying on a beach with a Corona in my hand. These lads certainly have busy schedules, with vocalist Madison Fischer also maintaining a solo music career as Kid Indigo, and brother Marcus Fischer also with a solo career as Astral OG. The band is scheduled to perform at Music at the Views Festival in May, as well as other shows that you can find on their website. I can’t wait to see what these guys do next!





This band originally formed by Nathan Martin & Jonah Poole, can be found around the city jamming to classic rock, modern pop, and anything in-between. You never know what might come of a LoveJoy show, but this is what makes this band unique. The band has a tumultuous, infectious energy that exudes into the crowd at every show. Their catchy blend of electric guitars is complimented by the energetic lead vocals.

Their most recent show at Heretic House PDX had great attendance, with Tango Alpha Tango and Danbert Nobacon also on the bill. Be sure to check out their Instagram page for the latest updates and show announcements. Keep your eye out for these guys, and try to catch one of their shows!



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As always, happy growing!